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Horse figurine: Unicorn
Only $12.99

composite veneers

composite veneers Only $74.99

reclining chair Only $74.99

pi insurance

reclining chair Only $14.99

Panda Wedding Couple
Only $14.99

pi insurance

birds figurine: Rooster&Hen Wedding
Only $14.99

Elephant figurine: Baby Elephant,Regal
Only $894.99

Only $129.99


Welcome to Animal and Bird Figurines!

Here you can find brand name animal figurines and bird figurines

at great bargain!

Excellent selection! You can find wolf figurines, tiger figurines, horse figurines, cat figurines, lion figurines, dog figurines, bird figurines and lots of more.
  • Free consultant! Animal and Bird Figurine consultants will recommend a good animal or bird figurine to you for free.
  • Low price ! The lowest price available.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!


    Figurines are very popular for decoration and collection. Animal figurines and bird figurines appear in home, office and cars. For people who love animals or birds, a lovely figurine will bring fun to their lives.

    Why from us? At Animal and Bird Figurines we are pleased to offer all kinds of animal and bird figurine at a lower price. Our price is at least 20% lower than retail price. We carry an excellent selection of animal and bird figurines. And we will ship it in one business day!

    Our figurines is highly collectible! The figurines are handmade and painted. For each design, our manufactures just produce a limit number of them. They will soon be not available. So collection the figurines will be a smart place to put your money.

    Satisfaction guaranteed! Shopping at Animal and Bird Figurines and you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction. You can return the product if you are not satisfied. Insurance will be purchased by us so in case it's damaged, we can send you a new figurine or refund your payment.


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    The team of Animal and Bird Figurine at Wave Dancing. figurine@wavedancing.net

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